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ONDA Targeted Fat Reduction

A non-surgical treatment for cellulite and fat reduction using ONDA Coolwaves®


Do you have pockets of unwanted fat or cellulite that just won’t budge?

ONDA can fine tune by tightening, flattening and reducing stubborn areas of fat. ONDA uses Coolwaves® technology, an evolutionary treatment that is painless and effective, with no down time. This procedure is exclusive in New Zealand to Weightless by the MacMurray Centre.

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  • Non-surgical
  • Reduces localised fat pockets and cellulite, and tightens skin
  • Treatments take only 20-30 minutes per area
  • Noticeable results after the first session
  • Usually only 1-2 treatments are needed

What is ONDA?

ONDA is the world’s first and only device to use the revolutionary Coolwaves® technology for non-surgical body contouring and fat reduction. These unique Coolwaves® bypass the top layers of skin delivering heat directly to fat cells, breaking down the cell membrane. ONDA also stimulates the production of collagen fibres for effective skin tightening.

ONDAs unique handpieces differ in their depth of action, each designed for different body areas including the stomach, thighs, buttocks, back and upper arms.

Treatment Benefits

Localised Fat

Coolwaves® are delivered to subcutaneous fat cells which dissolves localised fat deposits. These cells are then naturally metabolised and eliminated by the body.


Coolwaves® target the connective tissue to cause ‘orange peel’ fibres in the dermis to contract and then diffuse, making tissue more compact, even and smooth.

Skin Tightening

Coolwaves® cause the collagen fibres to tighten and shrink. This then stimulates the production of new collagen for tighter, more toned skin.


A treatment area is defined as a part of the body that requires an individual treatment (15cm x15cm) to each side. For example bilateral treatment on arms, thighs, buttocks or back.

One treatment area

Two 15cm x 15cm areas of skin


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Two treatment areas

Four 15cm x 15cm areas of skin


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Three treatment plans

Six 15cm x 15cm areas of skin


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Four treatment areas

Eight 15cm x 15cm areas of skin


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