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Saxenda® Injectable Medication

An injectable medication to assist you with weight loss.


Sometimes lifestyle change alone is not enough to see results.

Saxenda is a prescription medication that aids weight loss, alongside a reduced calorie diet and exercise. It contains an active ingredient that is similar to a naturally occurring hormone, that regulates hunger. This can lead to eating fewer calories and weight loss.

Our weight loss team will tailor a medical management plan to suit you, including blood work analysis, dietary input and exercise. This is the secret to long term weight loss.

  • Self-injectable
  • Sustained weight loss while regulating your appetite
  • Weight loss of up to 11% in the first year
  • Daily cost is comparable to a takeaway meal and coffee



Saxenda® is an injectable prescription medicine for weight loss used alongside a reduced-calorie meal plan and exercise.

  • Dietetic Review
  • Education Session with the Nurses
  • Nursing contact in the first month post injection
  • Medical Review
  • Saxenda® may be purchased from the MacMurray Centre for $550 per month.
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